Denis Zardi has been passionate about teaching for the past 16 years.
He has trained numerous pianists, some of which are already included in the music scene.

His students are frequent winners of first prizes in national and international competitions like the "Fortini" in Bologna, the "Città di Moncalieri", the "Nuobi orizzonti" of Arezzo, the "Riviera della Versilia" of Viareggio, the "Città di Piove di Sacco", the "Città di Cesenatico", the" Città di Riccione ", the "Rospigliosi" of Lamporecchio, etc..

3-year-old teacher and member of the artistic director of the Summer School "Marco Allegri-per vivere insieme la musica" of the Sun-Earth Spa Castrocaro in which students individually deepen technical and interpretive aspects of their instrument and have the opportunity to perform in solo and orchestra repertoire.
He has collaborated with the Association of Cotignola Varoli (RA), the School of Music "G. Rossini "Cervia (RA) and the High School Musical" A. Masini "of Forlì.

He currently teaches at local music schools "F.lli Malerbi" in Lugo (RA) and "G. Sarti "of Faenza.